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Industries producing spray-dried powder whether it is chemicals, food additives, yeast and protein, coffee or dairy powder will need a bag filter to reach the increasing emission regulations. A positive side effect of limiting the emission is that the powders which were lost in the sky until now can be turned into yearly bottom-line numbers.

Powder loss from conventional cyclones on many spray dryers will typically be in the range of 0,5 % to 1,5 % (160-480 mg/Nm3) of the powder production - which is lost production and lost margin! With Simatek's many years of experience within the supply of hygienic CIP'able bag filters for food factories, we can help you recover this lost powder production.

To give you an idea of the value of recovered powder in the bag filter you can fill in your data in the below calculator and see the estimated yearly gain by installing a Simatek bag filter.

Calculate the value of the powder recovery here:

Right side title

Right subtitle
  • 100 kg/h 10,000 kg/h
  • 5,000 kg/h 250,000 kg/h
  • 50 °C 120 °C
  • 50 mg/Nm³ 500 mg/Nm³
  • 0 mg/Nm³ 25 mg/Nm³
  • 1,000 hours per year 8,000 hours per year
  • 1 per kg 100 per kg

Various factors is having an impact to the ratio between process air to the bag filter and final powder in the bag.

Following examples (but not limited to) can be mentioned:

  • Whether the process air to the bag filter is from a single stage or multi stage spray dryer or from an agglomeration process, the ratio between process air and powder in the bag is fluctuating.
  • The drying temperature, humidity of the drying air and exhaust air temperature to the bag filter.
  • Total solids in the concentrate to the spray dryer versus the rest moisture in the final powder.

If the exact air capacity to the bag filter is not known the table shows an estimated range between the ratio between process air to the bag filter and powder in the bag.